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1Results assume recommended or adequate maintenance treatments
2Prevents collapse of septic tank assuming not past point of structural integrity when treatments begin
3Prevents need for pumping and vacuuming of 100% of organic matter; sand and soil that is accidentally or unintentionally discharged into septic system cannot be digested by any product

HYDROGLOX Septic Treatment is a new innovation in waste treatment based on a chemical technology that was over 15 years in development and is now patented in 33 countries. HYDROGLOX Septic Treatment is used for the treatment of septic systems. Our patented process creates a constant, stable on-demand oxidation formula that is non-fuming, non-toxic to inhale and not a skin sensitizer.

The science behind HYDROGLOX Septic Treatment is that it provides an efficient liquid-to-liquid interface of super oxygenated solution into the water of septic systems at a level that is not possible with mechanical aeration. This interface provides for the complete digestion of the organic solids in wastewater and no other product matches its performance. The results of HYDROGLOX Septic Treatment have not been possible before!

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Hydroglox Septic Treatment
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Order HYDROGLOX Septic Treatment today because the only thing you have to lose is your septic pumping service (and odors, stains…and much more)!

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