BIOGLOX Technology

  • New, stabilized hydrogen peroxide and glycolic acid solution that delivers potent redox reaction with high millivolt charges of 700mV to 850mV that is non-fuming, non-toxic to inhale and not a skin sensitizer or skin irritant

  • Patented technology provides consistent, stable on-demand releases of oxygen rather than the unstable, uncontrollable spontaneous releases common in other oxidizers, such as hydrogen peroxide

  • Extremely clean organic formulations comprised of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and patented reaction not only releases oxygen radicals (O1), but also alpha and beta hydroxyl radicals (HO•), without electricity or UV by safe, stable chemical reactions that promote environmental wellness


Exclusive Manufacturing & Distribution Licenses Are Now Available in Over Thirty Countries

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1No EPA label claims are represented; results are based on R&D performance and disclosed for licensing information consideration purposes only; proper country-specific registration is required before any offer to sell to end-user client.

BIOGLOX Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

BIOGLOX Select Industrial Applications

  • Biosolids Conversion to Class As1
  • Biocide for Oil Well Process Water & Hydraulic Fracturing (Frack) Water1
  • Sour Water Abatement in Oil Refineries
  • H2S Bacterial1 Abatement & Aerobic Treatment in Wastewater Systems
  • Septic Tank Treatments
  • Hydrocarbon Reduction
  • Sulfur Dioxide Reduction & Oxidation
  • Lagoons, Excessive Nutrients/Eutrophication Offset, Dead Water Hypoxia & Harmful Algal Bloom (HABs aka Red Tide)
  • Inline, Liquid Reconditioning of Anilox Rolls
  • Mineral, Scale, FOG, Grease Residue Removal for All Applications

BIOGLOX Select Animal Healthcare Applications

  • Calibrated, Automated Foot Bath, Topical Hoof Spray – No Formaldehyde or Copper Sulfate
  • Sanitize Milk Equipment1
  • General Disinfecting Barn Wash1
  • Remove Milkstone & Struvite

BIOGLOX Select Antimicrobial Applications

  • Hard Surface Cold Sterilant, Disinfectant & Sanitizer1

BIOGLOX Select Applications

  • Water Treatment, Wastewater & Cooling Towers
  • Air Emissions Treatment

Stable Reaction vs. Stability of Product

“Stable Reaction” vs. “Stability of Product” is the difference between other oxidizers and BIOGLOX and is the reason BIOGLOX has more than 40 patents in over 30 countries. When hydrogen peroxide manufacturers speak about stability and promote a 97-99% stable product, they are referencing the shelf-life. Specifically, “Stability of Product” is a measure of how much the product on-the-shelf will be like the originally manufactured product, after sitting for a period of time. For example, stability as reported by H
2O2 manufacturers, is how much the product loses or retains of its original active ingredients under various test scenarios, such as a 3-hour test time or over a one year timeframe. Examples of “Stability” ratings for H2O2 from various manufacturers are “99.9% Stable in a 3-Hour Test” or “0.1% Loss per Year”. However, regardless of how stable hydrogen peroxide is with respect to its advertised stability, once a reaction with hydrogen peroxide is triggered, that reaction is totally uncontrollable and spontaneous, with the majority of its oxidative benefits being lost (gassed off) into the atmosphere practically instantaneously.

Conversely, BIOGLOX holds its oxygen molecules, waiting for them to react against a constituent, and provides a controlled, stable release of oxygen that is on-demand. While BIOGLOX also has excellent “Stability of Product” while on-the-shelf, the unmatched, significant benefit from BIOGLOX is its “Stable Reaction” that comes from oxygen being released only as needed or is demanded, and BIOGLOX stores and holds the remaining oxidative capacity until the next constituent reacts with it. BIOGLOX provides constant, stable, controlled reactions that result in more oxygen being delivered where it is needed at a fraction of the cost of any other method available.

Active Oxygen vs. Delivered Oxygen

On a strictly mole-to-mole basis, it is a basic fact of chemistry that 50% H
2O2 has a bigger bank of “Active Oxygen”; however, “Delivered Oxygen” is the clear separator between BIOGLOX and other oxidizers, including hydrogen peroxide. To illustrate this point, a standard titration analysis reveals that a 99.9% stable hydrogen peroxide solution at 50% concentration with an Active Oxygen of 23.5%, has an oxidative capacity of 0.2 ml per 2 ml of H2O2. By comparison, the same 2 ml quantity of BIOGLOX produces an oxidative capacity of 168 ml, which is a remarkable 840 times the Delivered Oxygen of H2O2. Because hydrogen peroxide’s uncontrollable, spontaneous reaction can’t be stopped once it begins and it burns its entire oxidation capacity in a matter of seconds, the “Delivered Oxygen” from BIOGLOX is far superior to hydrogen peroxide and other oxidizers in virtually every application.

BIOGLOX Specifications

  • Clean Technology: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen only
  • End By-Products: Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Water
  • Non-Fuming, Non-Toxic to Inhale, Not a Skin Irritant
  • 40+ Patents Worldwide in over 30 Countries
  • Proprietary Hydrogen Peroxide / Glycolic Acid Formulation & Process Allows for Complete, Efficient Chemical Oxidation
  • Strong Carboxylic Acid due to Electro Charge but with Organic Acid pH similar to Lemon Juice
  • Patented Equilibrium Process Creates Complex Molecules that Wait to React, Holding Energy


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It’s Not About the Amount of Oxygen Water Will Hold…
It’s About How Much Oxygen the Chemistry
that is Dissolved in the Water Will Hold

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